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10 great reasons why you should be consuming/using coconut oil I started increasing my healthy fat intake about a year ago by consuming half of an avocado for breakfast (along with 1-2 scrambled free range eggs cooked in a small … Continue reading

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never leave the playground

Training for balance, stability and coordination. Age-proofing the brain by Stephen Jepson.

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why a low-carb diet may not be for everyone

“…there is a certain minimum carbohydrate threshold that you should not drop below. The sweet spot for most is 20 to 30 percent of your diet as carbs, but most likely 25 to 30 percent. Most of those calories can come from non-starchy vegetables, but you’ll probably need some starchy carbs, such as white potatoes or white rice, and starchy vegetables like carrots and squash.” “…some people can’t manufacture glucose from protein as well as others, so they need SOME starches in their diet or else they will suffer from metabolic stress.” – Dr. Mercola

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