Is nutrient timing dead? And does “when” you eat really matter?

“Nutrient timing” sounds impressive. Science-y. The way sport and exercise people throw it around, you’d think it must be pretty important.

But is it really? Does when you eat really matter? For health? For body composition? For performance?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.


About Annika Voelpel

* former director of health & fitness programs at the sutton place hotel * former head therapist of duquette strength clinic * entering 10th year as a professional trainer * registered kinesiologist and active-rehabilitation specialist * level 1 track & field, gymnastics, dance, and aquatics coach * certified in the postural reprogramming system (PRS) * certified pilates instructor and acupressure massage practitioner * sports nutrition and healthy-cooking expert * seminar speaker and former presenter at the global youth assembly * former national level gymnast and competitive dancer * former varsity track and field competitor * experienced fitness model
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2 Responses to Is nutrient timing dead? And does “when” you eat really matter?

  1. Corinna Baum says:

    Thanks Annika for sharing this, it really is a great article and what I like most about it is the statement “We’re all unique. There’s no one-size-fits all rule.” I think that is the answer to all those ‘eating’ questions. People just have to learn again to eat good and healthy food when they are actually hungry not because they are bored or it is a certain time or everybody else does it.

    • Exactly Corinna. Everybody has different body types and goals, though there are essential amino acids, fatty acids and micronutrients (vitamins and mineral) that the human body needs for optimal health and performance. It’s so important for people to learn these basics at a young age along with how to prepare their own healthy meals.

      Thanks for your post!

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