anger management: 7 ways to release your anger

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Some people believe that they have to hold their anger in to control it. This is not an effective anger management strategy. Even if you don’t show anger to others, that emotion has to go somewhere: it can be stubborn, and it usually doesn’t go away on its own.

You can reduce the likelihood of losing control by releasing the anger that you’ve built up. When you get rid of angry feelings on a regular basis, you’ll feel calmer and more even-tempered, and you’ll be more able to deal with the ups and downs of daily life. You can do a variety of things to release your anger, including the following:

  1. Take 10 deep breaths. It really does work!
  2. Do some physical activity – walk, run, swim, play golf, or do some other sport. This can be great for releasing the stress and frustration you’ve built up!
  3. Use a punching bag or a pillow to physically express your anger (in a way that’s not harmful).
  4. Do yoga, or another relaxing form of exercise.
  5. Participate in a fun activity or hobby.
  6. Use a journal and/or art to express your feelings.
  7. Forgive. At some point, it helps to let go and move on with a fresh attitude.

If your anger is truly out of control, you may want to seek professional support. The effects of uncontrolled anger can be very harmful – to yourself and to those around you. Don’t let it get to that point.


About Annika Voelpel

* former director of health & fitness programs at the sutton place hotel * former head therapist of duquette strength clinic * entering 10th year as a professional trainer * registered kinesiologist and active-rehabilitation specialist * level 1 track & field, gymnastics, dance, and aquatics coach * certified in the postural reprogramming system (PRS) * certified pilates instructor and acupressure massage practitioner * sports nutrition and healthy-cooking expert * seminar speaker and former presenter at the global youth assembly * former national level gymnast and competitive dancer * former varsity track and field competitor * experienced fitness model
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